Reviews for "Sega Speedway"


mario,megs&luigi kept up with sonic...hehe...luigi
kept up with super sonic!^_^

Nick-Gates responds:

yeah i guees it is a little dumb!
but you can't expect to see sonic bursting out infront and leaving the rest to rot can u ? lol


I liked the old Sega opening, I used to play the sega hand held all the time , after I jacked off,and this brought back old crisco memories.Thanks for that. good work but build a plot and stuff. your good at this. TONY

Nick-Gates responds:

i am kinda good at this..but it sounds like your even better at jacking off...make a flash movie bout it! lol

It's average

It wasn't bad, but it was faaaaaar from good. Too little happened and what did happen during the race was too far apart. I realized who was going to win halfway through the movie.

Although, you go the old "SEGA!" opening, and that's fuckin cool.

Nick-Gates responds:

farrr as in....mario's style from far from winning? that kinda far? lol..im so stupid!


Seriously... why didnt Mega Man just shoot them? Seems like it would have been an easy way to win.

Nick-Gates responds:

that would be cheating now wouldnt it? lol...to tell u the truth..i hadn't found the miracle of sprite cutting (Ctrl+B) so i only had him standing and running!

great sfx !

hehe i enjoyed the twist at the end.. sonic wins way too much! but the glowing visuals on sonic looked pretty cool mann - just like DBZ haha ? the sprites were animated heaps good! good job on that... the graphics were pretty smooth for sprite work also... NICE sound effects, and the background music played through the duration of the race was electrifying and brought a sense of anticipation of what was going to happen next, and was pretty entertaining! great free-flowing animation also, no glitches which is nice to see. Well done, good job

Nick-Gates responds:

Best Review Yet! Thx!