Reviews for "Sega Speedway"


That was way cool. Graphics were really good. It was very well animated too. Great idea for a movie. I loved the music, very spiffy. The movie was sorta repetitive though. Not fair that Luigi won, Sonic is cooler! I liked when Sonic changed into super, or hyper Sonic. I really loved this movie anyway. Excellent work. Keep it up!



that was pretty mad, and who came out the winner......?!?!?! BOM BOM BOM ..... i aing saying you will have to watch it, niecw ork the sound rocked

Another fine sprite movie.....

First let me start by it needs more story and some more effects like ''matrix effects'' or anything else for that matter. But this movie is good keep up the good work hope to see more of sprite movies updated.

Nick-Gates responds:

yeah i am thinking of redoing all my sprite movies. i have brought out a couple more...non to say the least of them

This was better than i thought it would be!

Well done... an original concept that could be done perfectly. Although this one was just lacking something... like depth.... but other than that... great movie, i could'nt make it so i think its great!

Nick-Gates responds:

Actually you would be surprised at how easy this actually is!


Not bad , very refreshing with lots of action , i like!

Nick-Gates responds:

thankyou..i like those simple reviews...so simple...lol! thx!