Reviews for "Sega Speedway"

Pretty Good

I liked your flash. It was clever and creative. However, you had the wrong person win (I am not deducting points for that). Sound need some work. Have the characters talk while racing (just a suggestion). Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reviewing your next flash.


Luigi is good no doubt but wtf why didnt sonic win hes the man damn this is garbage also i dont like this or u omg remake it or but multiple endings omg

Decent sprite movie

Nice idea, works well, and is is quite entertaining to watch.
At times there's not much happening, other times, theres quite a bit happening.

This is a better than average sprite movie, but not A+ calibur material.

all of your stuff is so funny. lol ^_^

the sega speedway is very funny with all of the random events that happened to all of the characters. i think that mega man should have won because of his buster couls kill anyone. all he had to do is shoot sonic and the rest of the stupid people. maybe you should make a rematch.

um... yea..

i think it is called Sega Speedway becuz Sonic (the official Sega mascot) seemed to be the most dominant in the abilty to run with emmence speed am I correct? yea sure i waz almost positive that Sonic would win wen he went Golden Sonic and showed up Luigi right after the time warning and rite be4 the finish line. but that fucking football star dude came charging in lol that waz hilarious. but wtf did nintendo put football dudes in Mario for?? oh well poor Sonic he had it made... and poor Mario... heh hes cool and all but u have to admit hes a horny fat italian bastard that likes to jack off wen ever hes alone lol

this movie was sick man awesum great shit rite here u should make another ;)