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Reviews for "Nixus: Sphere vs Pyrim"


So...basically, you´re recreating a dragonball-like fight, geometry-style. Not bad, i must admit, especially when taking into account the so very little Kb´s you used. However, I´d suggest you use up more space in the following:
-Sound FX

Oh, and try with a different music. Graphics isn´t all, you know.

that was kind'a pointless...oh well

you did something here, can't say it is a real lot for any one, but the graphics show the work put in this flash, you should of made it longer, and more dense fighting, that will bring out the movie in it. other then that, you got somthing started here, work hard on it.


This has to be one of the best fight scene flashes ive seen. Great animation and the music is good too! Make another, would you!


This movie stinks!