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Reviews for "Nixus: Sphere vs Pyrim"

Damn fine.

I liked it. It was simple, but still entertaining. You've played quite a bit of Vectorman, haven't you?
Good times.
Keep up the good work.

Nice Job

I like how you made it go along with the music and all very good job keep up the good work

Now here's something a bit origional.

Finally, somone who isn't showing stick men fighting crappily. Now that was tight and fun to watch. Great music and animations. To everyone who thinks they can make a good stick man fighting movie, take a look at this then go back to your drawing boards.

i liked it

it was good, and this looks worhty enough to win at least the underdog award! good work, and i hope to see more.


that was pretty sweet. it reminded me a lot of vectorman. too bad it ended so quickly.