Reviews for "WHATEVER !"

I love that song!!!

Good Job, I like how you made your humans



Wow! I think this is the best flash using the song "Whatever" I've seen.... just plain WOW! give it up for my man Cam Maske!

freak-show7 responds:

Wow , thanks alot dude

Can you say...

Favorite author time?

freak-show7 responds:

Dude, thank alot. Wow that rock to be a fav author of some1, i am so proud!

Wow,another remake!

Lol,that was funny!It was funny when he had like a huge stack of bodies in the alley!That was better than the George Bush remake!Ill still have 2 go w/ the 1st one made,but this was still great!U got my 5!



you did it!! in sync as well! i tell you, it's much better that way. brilliant job, again, but this time a bit more brilliant. I was on tenterhooks, waiting for the lag, but there was none!! well done, bravo!! and as i previously said, YEAH!!!