Reviews for "WHATEVER !"

Pretty good.

The music was OK, and you have a lot of potential in animation. The drawings could have been better, but good job anyway.


you did it!! in sync as well! i tell you, it's much better that way. brilliant job, again, but this time a bit more brilliant. I was on tenterhooks, waiting for the lag, but there was none!! well done, bravo!! and as i previously said, YEAH!!!

Tha clock one had better quality animation . . .

but yourz wuz certainly funnier, az I don't think anyone interpreted Lynch's disregard for anything to be so drastic. I luved the mounting body count and talking guitar: very original. This songz the anthem 4 homiez who just don't give a damn, and you exemplified that to the highest common denominator.

BOTTOM LINE: A hilarious visual to accompany a likewise audio.

-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

Good good

Nice whatever movie, a few bits look like mine, such as the beginning 5 - 1 countdown. Good job anyway, I like your style :)

freak-show7 responds:

Wow i got review by you. I saw your WHATEVER vid , awhile back and that is sort of why i made one , it is abit little your one , but on purpose. Anyway thanks, for the review and hope you enjoyed it!

there are way too many of these.

for some reason, i have a hankering for pears.

freak-show7 responds:

lol, i have see about 3 whatever vid on NG, but there may be more. But think about how many clock movies or stick movie there are?. NG is so big there are load of repeat some fo the times. Anyway Thank for the review!and hope you enjoyed it!