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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"

Me likey

I love the personification of a crappy flash animation. Still dont feel very sorry for them.


I like this song! As masterfully crafted as one of my own (BEFORE my PC crashed, and before I knew about NEWGROUNDS,) yes, I would sit, go back, and listen to my songs. I had a song similar in NATURE to this song, but it was not exactly themed like this song, and not exactly the same tune, either.
Start: The PC I am using is starting to act funny, the vidcard starting to fail, the song rises in energy as I start to scramble frantically to try to fix it.
0:43 I get a few moments of stability as I come up with a workaround, but I know it will not hold for very long.
1:39 Oh no! The vidcard can't take it for much longer as the system begins to unhinge, the OS starting to error as I scramble to come up with another solution!
2:09 I can't come up with a solution as the system begins to spiral downhill towards the inevitable crash...
2:19 The system is on it's final gasp as I try to save the vidcard.
2:28 I admit defeat as the vid card finally dies as Windows XP holds up the dead PC in the air, proudly knowing that it has claimed another victim.

This shows you how much I HATED Windows XP.


Aurora11, i know you hate my shitty Global warming flash but why you speak about it here.
This music wasn't in Jack.
I never planned this music to be there.

Well... to real thing. (Reviewing this song)

I love this song, it is peaceful, then dark and cruel, then powerful and again peaceful.
It is unbeliveable combination.
Melodies are great and instruments are perfect.

This is pure music!

Keep it up Maestro.

long time no hear

A good break from that stuped globle warming bull crap he did

The epitome of struggle

This track is by far my favorite, and one of the best songs on the entire newgrounds network, period. An epic battle rages to which there is no end, no victory. Your mind, your hopes are tossed down an endless abyss to which there is no recourse. From beginning to end, every minute instrument, every effect is perfect. AAA+ all the way! I hope to see more works of similar nature in the future...