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Reviews for "_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_"

Yay! But, um...

The beginning part is actually more EPIC than the previous version!
You added slow but very strong string(i guess) notes <E] <E] <C] <B] which creates a very strong Rage feeling! :D
But, um, after 1min, i cannot feel the mood. >:/ Maybe it should be more quiet and depressed and "deadly"? and later more cruel and tragic? I think it loses the dramatic vibes which, kind of brings the mood down.
Well, i always respect you and admire your work, but be honest this can still improve a lot... x_X But still, good job! :D

MaestroRage responds:

this song can indeed be improved. I just wish I could. My computer can barely run this thing, and I had to render it over 20 times just to get a good render. I'm afraid this will stay the way it is until I can improve my computer, or find a more efficient way of putting it together.

Some excellent suggestions, I will write them down and see what I can do with them.

Thank you for your honest and well thought out review Yue, always appreciated! I'm glad you liked it!


Absolutely awesome track, I'm using this in an upcoming video using the physics engine "Phun", I'll keep you posted when it's done. This music is brilliant, love it!

MaestroRage responds:

Good to hear klimax! Good luck on your project! Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

lmfao! kudos! :D

lol, same here. i'd really love to see someone despise this.

VERY EPIC, indeed.
. . .
awesomeness! XD
i've listened to a couple of your songs, but this title caught my eye.
Machine Of Judgement.
dun dunn DUNNN!!!! xD
poor flash file!! it's life..
it was so short...

*minute of silence*


this will forever stay in my head. ..the story, i mean.
the song won't have to stay in my head, as i wouldn't care for it to, seeing as how i am going to download this and listen to it whenever i feel epicness coming on :D

-vesta ":D

MaestroRage responds:

Well it wouldn't be TOO hard to find somebody who didn't like it. It's all a matter of taste after all ;D!

Glad you liked the story, I tried to make P-Bot look a bit more evil then it might be, still it made for good imagery so I made him as evil as they come.

Machine of Judgment does indeed sound epic. Probably misleading to listeners who arn't aware of Newgrounds and who P-Bot is, but then again this song was more FOR the audience at Newgrounds so yeah ;D!

I hope the epicness entertains you for many hours yet :D! Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

Great way to describe the song.

I'm sure that played a huge part into people like it more. The song is well put together and overall sounds very epic. You got my download.

MaestroRage responds:

Thanks Patrick! Every song has a story to it, at least formed off one, so I hope that helps in getting people into the vibe of listening!

Thanks again for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


The first minute of the song was by far the best composed and orchestrated of the song. So that's my only complaint - the climax of the track was at the BEGINNING!

Otherwise, great work. And good luck with that new website thingy. BTW are you using EWQLSO? Sounds like it!

MaestroRage responds:

Quite right Nick... quite right. I should probably do a remix of the song eh? I agree the beginning is my favorite too, I spent the most time on it, so it shows I guess.

Yes this is in fact largely EWQLSOG. LARGELY I say! A few things here and there like the choirs and the oboe were not from EW, but this is pretty much all that.

Thanks for your honest review Nick, always glad to hear from you, i'm glad you liked it!