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Reviews for "EVILDAVE TV- Puppy Chow"


that could work.....we got all these stray dogs and I mean a lot of stray dogs :{

What the...

I usually love Evil Dave's stuff...but this sucks!

it'sa 3

It is a three

blah blah blah

this was boring but somewhat humorus

good shit, good shit man

this is boss, im not gonna waffle on about graphics or sound or anythin' im just gonna say thius is boss! Death to the shitty arsed vermin!! the so called mans best friend
hey evil, you should make another movie entitled
"poochie -poo- chew" recycled dog shit in handy chew stick form. so we dont stand in it. make them eat/enjoy it. On A Battery farm locked in a cage like smoking Beagles
Sick Fakie