Reviews for "EVILDAVE TV- Puppy Chow"

nice for 2000

Wow, that was cruel and weird, but funny and I understand the animation isn't the best, but then again it is 8 years old


fucked up, but its a nice joke, and you have a good sense of humor. The drawings could use some work and the animation was a little stiff, but it was still fun to watch.

Nice one

Pretty good quality and sound as well as the sadistic humor

You should make some new stuff i like your taste


Well, the reason for the low rating is that animal cruelty is simply wrong, and I cant' support anything supporting it, even sarcastically. Still, the flash itself was alright. The graphics and animation were okay, the TV set looked pretty good. The music and sound were good, adn the commercial itself wasn't all that bad. Still, as far as flashes go this wasn't too bad.


As funny as all of your other EvilDave stuff is, this one is just wrong. Keep the series going by all means, just leave animal killing/testing/cruelty etc. alone.

BTW, the toilet one had me in stitches.