Reviews for "+After the Fallout+"

Very peaceful

All of the instruments compliment eachother well, and the quality is great. The sax is a great lead and you did very well it. Overall this song is a winner in my book.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks! =D

not what i expected

I must agree with haggard, it wasnt what i expected but its still quite nice, and wow what a story behind the song, but it needs a slower fade out it was a bit to sudden.
but anyway i dont know what you mean by its a bit rough, it my not be the smothest ive herd but its not rough.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. Well, rough as in, the composition could be better.
Anyway, thanks for your comments. Appreciated.



For being a post-apocalyptic tune, I felt most of the instrument lack a lot of reverb- just to make it more dark and otherworldly etc... IT IS AFTER AN APOCALYPSE AFTER ALL >:(

The piano has a perfect sound- maybe a bit light, maybe mudding it up on purpose could actually be an idea to create the right atmosphere. It sounds perfectly dreamy with that chord progression and delay though... that chord progression is very masterfully done.

Strings sound VERY soundfonty... don't you have any better samples? I mean, they're good, but they sound like... thin :( Maybe some chorus/multilayering etc could do the trick to make it sound fuller and more realistic? Mebby?

Sax is pretty good for being a soundfont. It's still noticable, mostly in how it keeps the same tone all the time. Ever considered asking that radioactiverhino do some sax for you? I bet it would make the tune rock your socks off ;) Of course you don't have to do it if you don't want to be bare-feet for the rest of your life.

I likey. You did capture a feeling 'ere, but it's still got some places to polish.


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the return review. ;D

Yeah, I guess I was fairly reserved on using effects, but I think some otherworldly atmosphere might set the story a bit better. Yeah, strings are soundfonts, how did you know? I like the tone they give out, but maybe a bit of reverb, or something will thicken it out. If I feel this is worth a second crack I probably will ask RR about it, in fact I've discussed a little jazz collab with him prior to your comments, but still, live sax = awesome.
Thanks, you do good job review. I luv you long time. =D


It has quite a clam sound to it which sounds very good and it seems to be pretty constant all the way through, as well as having a little veriation, which is nice. The ending is kind of diffrent to the rest of the song in a way but it does sound to be pretty good, so that's nice to hear. Everything seems to fit in well though it does seem to go by qucker than the actual lengh of the track.

Not too much more I can say, a little longer might have been good but it's not really a problem here, seems to be long enough. Can't really say I noticed any rough sounds though, so you're safe there from me, lol. Overall pretty nice work.



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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like it.


Amazing song, great build up. You used the sax excellently. Really liked how it seemed to become one great sax party.With one sax after the other being introduced. A really good piano/strings backup just topped it off completely, great job

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WritersBlock responds:

Cheers. Would you like to come to my sax party?