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Reviews for "+After the Fallout+"

Brilliant ^-^ <3

I'm impressed! =)

This is a really great song, and I'm really not that much into jazz.

I lie, but don't call me on it.

This is an amazing song!


NIice!!! hey you have to tell me where did you got that saxophone sound! Im making a song and I NEED saxophone in it!!! please tell me!!

:' |

this definately made me think back to what ive done and for once feel guilty. the sax couldve been improved though. very touching anyways.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I'm really glad you like it. Yeah, the Sax was pretty low quality, but I'm not complaining about something I got for free.

Its good

The only problem is that the middle part with the saxaphone seems a bit slow, and could improve with more of a new beat and less repetition.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the suggestions.