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Reviews for "kegel "happy heroween""

Awesome flash but...

Yes truly you are a flash master...But every time I go to jaydonaldson(dot)com or that rockschool thing I get a virus warning.Its some alwayup trojan and redirect exploit thing that comes up the very INSTANT i try and go into your site.And of course Norton cannot repair it.

Anyhow great flash keep it up, just quit trying to bug my dam comp ok?


man that was an extremely hilarious episode especially the ben affleck part, 10 outta 10


Really good!!!!

f**k that's funny!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so funny. especially the "spiderman spiderman does whatever...it is that a spider does"that is funny as hell. can i swear in this? no? well fuck you i'll swear anyway. fuck that was funny

cards overrule certificates

Thats good stuff man. The castlevania thing with Kegel was a nice add-in joke. Kegel still kicks ass. I'm gonna watch another one. keep makin em. peace.