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Reviews for "Frank's Adventure"

There needs to be more games like this one

Yo man this was freakin awesome! I mean who wouldn't like this game? It has porn and it's adventurous. Dude w00t!


By far the best game I've ever played on newgrounds... simple yet hella fun. I'm really looking forward to the next installment. Oh and a small request.. you gotta keep the 4th music choice.. simply made the game that much better. So often I'm turned off by games with poor music choices.. that one was great though.. keep up the great work bud!


short, sweet, not too hard, not too easy, good controlls, sweet music and tite hentai, i loved it.

You should be able to snort cocaine

This is a good game. You should be able to snort cocaine in the game though, instead of buy the shoes to get fast. Also more porno. hahahaha. keep it gangsta!

Cool to the Nth Power

Pretty great game you have there. I like the theme songs used, the anime characters you put in here and the simplicity of game control put into it. You sure outdone your work. Think of adding to the 3 you put in? Great job!