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Reviews for "Frank's Adventure"


This would have been great game.......hentai spoiled everything.

Short, easy, no-that-fun hentai-fest.

Okay, this game is about 10 minutes long and has about 5 preschool-level puzzles (and a stupid skiing minigame) you need to figure out. And it seems as though the only draw to it are the multiple hentai pictures you get to look at. And in case none of you have noticed, people who look at hentai are sick individuals who lead sad lives. Don't bother with this.


Before i review this I don't think Big_Daddy1991 should be on here because he types like a preschooler so he must be one and you have to be over 18 to be on here.Anyways for this game it's kind of good and good work.


Dta woz 1 of da bst games ive eva playd. Thanx Wiesi

wait while i wipe the cum from my hands!!!!

that is THE single most gratest game i ve played.i love hentai and that....well lets just say i sprayed my shorts!!!!!frank is a luky mutha fuka!!!