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Reviews for "jaune"

holy sh*t, the shading! D8

Wow, you did an amazing job on the shading! It's funny, with the cartoony style it still seems to look like it could be a photograph.
Also, the attention to detail is very impressive- the shirt/arm bands alone must have taken days.
Well done. :)


I don't really like the background too much either.

At least add a blob or something.
(and reupload it plz)

kinase responds:

added a blob. I hope it looks better O:


good art work but kind of creepy

kinase responds:

freakishly large eyes tend to have that effect. 8D;


I like this a lot. Has a really unique style to it, feels cartoony, despite the more realistic technique. The texture on the dress looks especially nice.

is she your girl friend?

she kind a looks like kate micucci

kinase responds:

and suddenly, hundreds of new reference pictures I could use for this char.
Thanks. 8D