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Reviews for "The Aftershock"


Duuuuuude, I actually imagnined a sick boss battle when I listened to this! Major awesomeness bro! 5 and 10! d^_^

Your pal,


DreamEater responds:

thanks! glad you dig it broseph
glad to see that people are enjoying my original tracks so much ^^
your pal

another great work man

i love it
especially the ending, but one thing i would do to it would be that the piano should be have more reverb and brighter y'know

DreamEater responds:

eh the piano is supposed to be dark man
but yeah thanks bro
glad you like it

Great pace!

No seriously, great tempo.... Especially the weird use of lots of instruments at once to generate some sort of mashed potatoes... I mean mashed background music I love this song, keep it up! 5/5!

DreamEater responds:

thanks ^^
yeah i found it kinda weird at first 2 but it ended up coming out great ^^
thanks alot ^^


let me be the first to review.

Great job man congrats is all i got to say.


DreamEater responds:

thanks alot bro
i feel like ive come so far from when i started
im just glad its starting to show ^^

not bad at all

Perfect . If I really have to give a comment , soften the synth a bit and increase the kick volume just a little bit.

Overall really nice job. I started writing this after 20 sec :-)

DreamEater responds:

glad you enjoyed the track
i really put my heart into this one ^^