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Reviews for "The Aftershock"

*bobs head*

The beat and the texture of this song really catches my ear. I imagine myself quickly finishing off my enemies as I advance to the center of a city in ruins to fight the root of the evil that has overtaken the world.

I droped my B***S

dude, sweet as sweet'n low. I serious i could see Super sonic battling Super Knuckles or whatever over a dying city, like idk DBZ style or some Noise, any ways grate job man

F***ing Awesome!

ive listened to all your other songs and this is, by far the best song ever!

coffe and a cigg

after last night dude listening to our work and being back to c-pro it seems like all our anger went into this song and now we can start ovr

DreamEater responds:

for real bro

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Best Damn song you've made so far. I love it man. Holy crap. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Simply...............


DreamEater responds:

haha thanks bro
glad you dig it XD