Reviews for "TC Slaughter"

not bad

Well it's a shooter game where you kill someone's annoying teacher. That's understandable, teachers can be so annoying. What is she saying? It's not even english, is it?

rejamnegle responds:

that is not english, it is portuguese, bcoz me portuguese, and the teacher too.. :P
thanks for the review anyway :)


I liked it.

rejamnegle responds:

thanks :)

that sucked

the voice got really annoying. was that supposed to be in portugese? it looked like spanish but everything was spelled wrong. anyway, you suck


tht was kewl.... well it wasnt but i liked the gun affect you could made that into somthin if u werent so lazy, who the fuck is that women anywayz

rejamnegle responds:

what do you mean on "made that into something" ? you mean i could use those effects in other game?

that women is my teacher.. she really sucks, so i made this for ppl have fun killing her... lol

wow this makes me want to beat you

Damn izuamoto writes some funny as hell review.
I blammed this, so, merry christmas.