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Reviews for "kegel "whistle tip""

Sheer Brilliance!

Never before have i seen such an acurate combination of flash and bubb rubb and crew! My friendshowed me that newsclip online and were laughing our asses off when we saw it, it was ust a matter of time before it became a flash movie! Great quality in all feilds and ur a great flash animator!, but will bubb rubb ever return?

jato responds:

people seem to like the cut of his jib (bubb rubb) -- definitely cameo material. possibly more?

Absolutley love these Kegel films!

Please! For the love of God! Never stop making these filmls. They are the funniest shorts on NG... in my opinion at least. I could watch em all day! Keep up the good work.


I know when i saw the real video at www.bubbrubb.isgreat.tv i knew someone on new grounds would say something about it. nice work




whistle tips piss me off, all they do is back up exhaust into your pipes, pointless ghetto thing to do, buy a real turbo, doesnt matter how much crack u have to sell.