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Reviews for "kegel "whistle tip""

Nice to See

Well, thank you sir. It is a fucking pleasure to see another quality Flash come through th NG Portal to remind me why I come to this site everyday. Very well animated, nice interactive play menu, great style and "story line" - very humorous. I like most of your other shit to. Thanks again for being one of the people who submits things that are worth NDs bandwidth and my time.




Dude i know all about the whistle tips story. Me and my buddy always joke on Bubb Rubb.
It's Dat w00t w00000t.
Check out Bubb Rubb section at... well i cant say the web site but its... ill shut up now.

Well, great work, this is really cool. I grew up right next to oakland so it hits home and i know all about those whistle tips.
You're a really good flash guy

wsup jay

dude i love all your work! i visit your site keep making more! w/b!

Thank the gods, it's another Kegel animation

Seems like it's been a while since Kegel was lost in Tijuana, so it's great to see this show up. You've kept consistent with your style of animation and humor, producing another installment worthy of the Top 50. Animations this great and this funny are getting harder and harder to come by, I find. I hope you keep Flashing well into the next decade ;)

Wow. I haven't seen you do a bad flash yet.

And further more, you teach us such interesting stuff, I never knew what a whistle tip was before. (Or ever heard of one)