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Reviews for "kegel "whistle tip""

God that black dude was funny

Woot woot, put that guy in more animations. He definetly was the funniest part.

Great animation, great characters...

The movie was funny.. I loved the animation, and the big black guy kicked ass.

"This car is dead. Dead like Bob Hope." That quote PWNZ all.

yeah shit face

Man I love Kegel, as a matter of fact we's niggas!!! I swear. I WOULD WHISLTLE HIS TIP ANY DAY!!!!! TONY

Holy living fuck

This should be on goddamn television. The best one yet. I'm going to watch it again. Thank you.

Oh man...

This was hilarious. I laughed through most of this...hehe. Cool job, you should make some more of these like this. I liked the play/pause menu. That was a good feature, and the voices were great too.