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Reviews for "kegel "whistle tip""


i saw that a while back and it was helarious then especially because i live in oakland :|
that was great, good work, i love your stuff. its so close to home

Sheer Brilliance!

Never before have i seen such an acurate combination of flash and bubb rubb and crew! My friendshowed me that newsclip online and were laughing our asses off when we saw it, it was ust a matter of time before it became a flash movie! Great quality in all feilds and ur a great flash animator!, but will bubb rubb ever return?

jato responds:

people seem to like the cut of his jib (bubb rubb) -- definitely cameo material. possibly more?

Man, that was weird. But it was funny.

Hey Yo!
I have no idea what those two black guys where saying. I should probably read up on what whistle tips are.
And why are you retiring all the other kegel movies?

jato responds:

i'm retiring the old kegel "shorts" on newgrounds and other sites.

i keep them on my site and will probably re-release them at different times.

the main reason i do it is to keep the stuff that's out there fresh. -- are you familiar with the term "radio kill?"

it's like, you can watch some stuff too much...

and i'm the forward-looking type of person. would prefer people looking forward to the next ep.


Yeah, a new Kegel movie! I love it! The sounds were a bit overwhelming, the music, the whistle. I guess you were going for that idea, so I cna let it go. Well, the characters look good, as well as the car. Nice option bar at the bottom. Hope to see more from you soon.


ITs not the best one you have ever done.

But still was ok 4 for you