Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"



DL-Neutrino responds:

Mr. High Standards, everybody! (applause)


good for the bush bashing, and I recognized that japanese game show! but pretty boring and not very funny.

WTF with this movie???

I don't find it amusing,I did laugh for like few second,but then I didn't feel like waste time to watch the rest of it,cause it so bum IMHO.


I dunno why this makes me remember the playstation game... xenogears... the orb with the faces and all that... but... well... it was okay...

Interesting concept

I really liked the back-story and it seemed rather promising...

However, when I watched it I found none of the witty social commentary that I had been hoping for.

The graphics and sound were good, but they aren't enough to really improve what is, in my opinion, a mediocre story with a mediocre script.