Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Not bad!

All put together rather nicely indeed, intreasting plot idea few great jokes including the attack on France although could have done with a few more big hitters.


You ripped off this idea from the XENOGEARS GAME didn't you?

I suggest you stop playing that game and think of something else to make because this one made no dam sense whatsoever.

But I give you props for the graphics & some humor to this flick.

It's alright I guess. But, Where is Fei Fong Wong?


i dunno


A good effort

I think people are trying to take this too seriously. It's not action packed and it's not oozing with humor. It is what it is, though, which is a flash movie that was amusing enough to get me to watch the whole thing.


That was awesome. I'm sure it's true too.