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Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

This was good for a few laughs

Im not a big fan of "Bush bashing" but that was a pretty damn funny part. And as for the dumb yellow face guy on the ball, he was my favorite one of them all lol. good stuff

You copied Xenogears but..

It was funny nonetheless. Fix the sound next time.

Far better then that Arfenhouse fuckin movie

this had excellant animation. I agree with violentmind though, it was'nt terribly funny or interesting. And have you looked at a map lately? canada is BIGGER than America. represent

A good effort

I think people are trying to take this too seriously. It's not action packed and it's not oozing with humor. It is what it is, though, which is a flash movie that was amusing enough to get me to watch the whole thing.


I take LSD too.