Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Pretty good. Somewhat dull.

Didn't bother with the secrets.

Er... that was the Gazel Ministry, right? Like the one in Xenogears?
It seems none of the other reviewers noticed... that is, if my guess is right.
Whatever. In any case, good cartoon.


was aight but sound sucked

cant find the humor

wats the humor????
i think the only fun is the begin

That was kinda cool! n_n

It was pretty funny but sort of dragged on...I loved the ending where they use the key and ram into France and the song flight of the Valkyries that was playing in the background!

((( OMG )))

LOL that was crazzy and fantastic haha, the story was really indepth, but kinda draged off at the end, the overall flash was pure fantastic, nice job...