Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


To start, I loved your preloader. I loved that you had the option to see how many kb's were left, the scene selection. It all was great. The idea was very inventive, and by all accounts, true. "Oh, how I pine for the days of OJ... and the Monica Lewinksi trial!" Good character designs, I liked the computer monitors representing all of the characters. I laughed at everything, especially the puppet reference. "How did you get past the bloody security?" *holds up a monitor with the "Ring" on it. A great idea, done quite well. Good work, and I hope to see more from you soon.


gawd small Xenogear spoof!

very good. hehe Ahh xenogears... ehehe little metal gear solid 2 shit there too. must have taken awhile. Hehe well it was good.

The hell?!

That was one of oddest films i`v seen on NG, it was quite disterbing and funny at the same time.

If thats realy how America is run than im PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!
(god help us!)

This is pretty intresiting

It really dose make me think about some of the weird things our country dose.

Watch This!

Nice drawings and animation. That rotating thing was especially cool. This piece looked pretty sexy!

This was an original movie as far as plot goes. But your character style isn't that good. Just a little too plain.

Sound quality was fine, and the sound effects suited the movie well. Only problem was that the voices weren't acted that well. That noise the sphere was making got annoying too after a while. Nothing major though.

Well, there simply wasn't that much, not that this movie really needed any...

None, but still uneeded.

This was a funny movie. Some people will like it some people won't. I did. You probably will too.

This was easy on the eyes and made me chuckle. It did it's job!