Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


top stuff here! I like!!!

Whoa, Xenogears vu.

Dammit, AKNeutron (bad guess on who you really are probably)!! Why do I have to give out one of my rare 10s!?

Oh yeah, because this is ultra funny shit. Laughed my ass off every second of the way.

Disaster Labs roxxorz.


There are rare people on newgrounds who do anything truly original and amazing. You are definatly one of those people. This is truly a great flash movie. Funny, new, and spectacular.

I hope you go on to do really big and great things.

Remeniscent of Xenogears?!

Was it just me, or was the giant spherical set of heads supposed to be a representation/mockery of the Gods from Xenogears?

Well, byond that, bloody brilliant idea! Great animation, quality voice acting that could actually be understood, a mildly twisted sense of humor, and some nice easter eggs hidden in there as well.

Great work, I'll have to check out the rest of your works later.

POLI Majors will get a kick outa this one

I loved the Xenogears stuff. And france does deserve a good bitch-slap