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Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

God that was funny.

Man good work! That was so funny!

I snuck in a snickers!

Ripp Off Of The Gazell Ministry

AHAHAHAHAHAHA That rulez, havent seen anyone make fun of Xenogears..... Keep it up


5 and 10...simply for the bowling scene...hahaha...callin' on satan for help on the 7-10 split

Brilliantly conceived!

Maybe I enjoyed the movie so much because I'm a fan of Xenogears, but I just thought it was very funny as well. My favorite part being when they go bowling "I thought I told them to activate the goddamn bumpers!" and when they attack France by ramming the US into them - "Boom! Yay!" Hilarious; you should make a series from this and continue spoofing other elements of the Xeno series while making fun of current events. You really have something here.


Awsome! America rules the world! Boo all you other countries!