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Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Good use of Xenogears Characters...

As a huge fan of Xenogears, I was really happy to see a spinoff of some of the characters in this movie. The plotlines were great, secrets definitely add to interactivity, and the ending was just hilarious. Great work!


See above.

Fantastic comedy

This is brilliant - it's taking a cheeky swipe at the dumbness of politics and being hilarious, all at the same time. Cool idea, nicely drawn and with a great selection of music. It's long but never dull, a must-see flash movie.

look guys! i snuck in a snickers! XD

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!! brilliant! a a great perception of what could happen if the people who run the show behind the scenes get too bored...noone is safe O_O XD hahaha pauvre france


I love you guys cause you destroyed france like it should be destroyed, by running america into it.. good job guys i once again say i love you.