Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Great! Just like Arfenhouse was great! =D

Hahahahahahaha, "Hey guys, I snuck in the snickers!"


you blew up canada that was funny stuff keep up the good work

Humor and Style, The Perfect Pair

This film was great. The visuals were very sharp, and it was a decent length and quality despite the 5 meg limit of NG. And the style, yow. Excellent in every aspect. FREEDOM FRIES!!!!!!!

DUDE you guys fucking rock

THIS is INSANE. Its better than arfenhouse... Goddamn.. i can't express my happines for this movie(?) You guys make a temple and i'll come and wwwwwhorship you for 24 hours a day... i Mean it. whatching your movies is better than skateboarding and sex. no. not sex. but skate. seriously

Finally, some intellectual comedy. YEEHAW

Misteroo is right, dated, but still really great. I also found 100% of the easter eggs. :D If you (or SuperMan) would've submitted that flash ... a 5 vote from me every day (no doubt it would make it through judgement). Also love the bit at the end with all the details of the movie, neat to know that stuff. Sequel (if now possible) would be welcome. ~Dave