Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

That was hahahaha....

Damn man you made another one that was funny like arfenhouse but this time it's government plots. One more question when is the next arfenhouse coming up. Is it the last one <:< man?

Holy shit, man.

You keep getting better and better. This movie FUCKING RULES. I'll never look at our government the same way again!

The Secrets were great too. It's pretty funny after you find 100% of them...

The best ever

simpley the best ever you have to make more ha ha FRANCE SUCKS they piss me off with there cheese and what not then they freaking...WHAT NERVE THOSE FRENCH...o yeah and lets blame that on El nino...

Hilarity, thy name is disaster labs!

The originality of this movie is unmatched. I coudn't stop laughing the whole way through. It had nice little secrets. Great animation, and voice acting. This is awesome, a must see!


Loved the Xenogears references.