Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

That was pretty good.

This was actually a pretty good little movie. It had a good plot and was pretty funny, especially the part with the prez in it. Whoever made this definitely had imagination.

i knew it......

i knew the u.s. could drive like a car.
hillarious movie. especially bout the iratating french.


Amazing! This was so great i can't find words. Espescialy (hope it's spelled so...) that yellow smiley guy. Incredible!

great, simply great

I really like your style man. Especially how it just kept going on and on. Normally this would be bad but the movie continued to be funny. I think you should definetly make more like this.

A masterpiece

Well finally a movie with a descent plot! "The true ruler of America is... a ball with a bunch of faces on it!" Special credit for the voice acting, the characters really had character. I loved the yellow smiley retard. People have done a huge work to put this movie together.

The secrets give this movie some more replay value but I would watch it again even if there wasn't any. For those too lazy to wave the cursor over the screen all the time I can tell you where to click though others must've listed them a thousand times: Introducing White House - low corner of the subtitles box. The bomb in the news flash - click on the logo. The anime character on a screen on the left when bowling is suggested. In the end of the bowling alley scene - the tiny red box (fire alarm) on the wall behind the alien. Ending scene - the Snikarz bar.