Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Absolut class

Made me laugh out loud several times, totally brilliant stuff. Kinda reminds me of the idea in Metal Gear with "The Patriots" and stuff. France also needs a good bitch-slapping. Excellent.

"Better run France! We're gonna bitchslap you!"

Jesus fucking fuck! That was the greatest! "Heeeyyy guuuyyss I snuck in a snickers!!" KABOOM! Lofl! More more! Make more of this movie! Like.. return of the faces.. XD


It was really cool altho i disnt like wat they said to Mexico


AAHHAHAHAHAHAH that was fucking hailarious, good grafix 2, make more that fucking rocked....weird ending tho (whoever else watches, this, get baked to watch it)


This movie rules!! ... WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE SECRETS?? I only got 66%!!