Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

I used to adore this video, and everything you guys made, back in my youth.

The other day I was playing Xenogears on my PsP and trying to catch up with the games I never finished from my childhood. You have no idea how many, many years I've gone without knowing "Thompsons Gazelle" is a reference to Xenogears. In fact the Gazel in general. Holy shit. Mind=Blown.

And this vid is still a classic years later. Love it guys. Miss you DisasterLabs.

Pretty Good

This movie is really not as bad as alot of people say it is, you just have to stay around and watch the whole thing, then it gets better.

had me for a min

but it all got worse as time went on....funny....stopped watching after the character said, "this is getting boring!" Which is what i felt...but more effort and imagination....you have it but you got the wrong agle.

this was so fuckin awsom!!

keep it up man and i wanna c soemthin like this from u again but better and ur good man real good! yay!!

also u captured bush excatly!

that was good but you need more arfenhose dammit

yeah what he said