Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Look out france, we're going to bitch slap you!

Bank slowly to the right, were going to hit them maine first.


Loved it

Great job Disaster Labs, always coming up with the perfect ideas, dont ever stop!

:) < MAVHLOUS!!!

:) < and funny as well. Disaster labs has yet to fail at making movies so bad, they're not good.

((( OMG )))

LOL that was crazzy and fantastic haha, the story was really indepth, but kinda draged off at the end, the overall flash was pure fantastic, nice job...


..... grrrrr... ur making me angry

guys dun worry about it... the last guy that reviewed was a complete dubass and needs to suck a dick or sumthing... u SUK... as for the guys that made the movie... u rock! it was funny and true!
damned french....