Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Xenogears rocks!!!

Yes!!! Xenogears obviously was an inspiration for this movie. It's a lot funnier knowing that.


alot of 3-D...musta taken ya forever.
And thas really big.
Cuz its long...wow, look at me state the obvious...
anyways....It was kinda cool...
not too funny...or anything...meh
I saw the MXC on one of those popup screens, lol


I guess only the smart people here at newgrounds can understand that kind of comedy. Good movie, keep makin' 'em!

haha.. el nino

it gets a 10, based on the el nino joke, other than that, it wasnt too great


hahahahaha that was excellent! WAYYYYYYY up there... start running france! were gonna bitch slap you!