Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


i love the idea of running america into france..even tho its not possible it was still great how the heads responded to it..overall this was a great movie!


It's a really lame movie i think

I didn't even smile, it sucked ass

I woudn't even consider watching another some kind of these sort of movies


You ripped off this idea from the XENOGEARS GAME didn't you?

I suggest you stop playing that game and think of something else to make because this one made no dam sense whatsoever.

But I give you props for the graphics & some humor to this flick.

It's alright I guess. But, Where is Fei Fong Wong?


Hell yeeer

That woz da bomb! Totally crazy! Man, you guys have got skillz...

Very nicely done

I loved everything about this animation except two things:

1) You have ripped off Twelve Monkeys™ with the spinning globe of heads (faces)
2) The ending was shit. It ended very abruptly and pointlessly. You could have easily just faded to black and placed the words, "Stay Tuned To Episode 2. Coming Soon!" after the fade.

I loved the fact that you incorporated the Most Extreme Ellimination Challenge™, and you also used The Ring™ to "elliminate" someone. But The Ring™ was a terrible film, and the original Ringu™ was amazing.

Keep up the good work.

DL-Neutrino responds:

1)Prove it.™ Roughly 50% of these other reviews have proven otherwise.™