Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Hilarious as hell.

That had me laughing the whole way through...

"NOO DREAM LAND... Thats where skeletor lives.."


Nice job.


Nuff said

Always Satisfied

Everything that I have watched by Disaster Labs has been great:) I enjoy the work and effort they are doing to make us all laugh. This particular piece I find Ironic. I say this because the other day on PBS I was watching a british show that was telling the story "The Cat in a Hat in Iraq" and it was disucssing that we have not found any sort of wepon there. However, although I find this film putting humor to our situation it still shows American Pride . Way to go fellas.

Damn, this Rocks!!!

Now that was funny. I couldn't help but notice that someone has been playing way too much Xenogears.


Chorster, movie/show titles aren't trademarked. Only their logos are.


EXCELLENT MOVIE! Hilarious, even. Keep up the good work, guys.