Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

hahahah the french

great flash. that was very funny but some parts dragged on a bit. although i didnt expect the ending at all. lol you have one strange mind my friend. plus u got more frenchies then planned. took out quebec too! grr quebec...

So THIS is why Arfenhouse 3 hasn't been made...

To sum it up in a word, you guys are fan-friggin'-tastic. Your work is without a doubt the most insane, ridiculous garbage that ever saw the light of day -- and that's what makes it so great. Bonus points for all the hidden scenes, especially the one poking fun at lousy stickdeaths. XD For the love of God, GIVE US ARFENHOUSE 3 ALREADY!!!


i really liked this, but you should have used some better arguments against Bush, it's not like he's hard to ridicule. the part where he died was great, but it should have involved a pretzel in soem way. i don't get the end though, the snickers thing. please explain.

This was good for a few laughs

Im not a big fan of "Bush bashing" but that was a pretty damn funny part. And as for the dumb yellow face guy on the ball, he was my favorite one of them all lol. good stuff

Humor and Style, The Perfect Pair

This film was great. The visuals were very sharp, and it was a decent length and quality despite the 5 meg limit of NG. And the style, yow. Excellent in every aspect. FREEDOM FRIES!!!!!!!