Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Funny, yet boring

I thought the parts with France were funny. Also with the whole issue of America actually seperating, and the officer saying good bye was quite funny as well. When president Bush was controlled it was kinda funny.

The movie in my opinion was too long though. Lots of things could have been cut out that seemed to repititious. There was a lot of talk with little or no action among the 'sphere' that did not make any sense or was not funny at all. Also I really didn't see any sort of story line ending. The beginning was quite clear, with the sphere being there since the 14th century.

Really Nice!

Dis Sh*** good! Would be good if pres. Bushy would see dis! West Side iz da best......Aiiiii...

Ah, political satire

The humor's a little dated, you know....

And to everyone telling Neutron to finish AH3, you obviously have him confused with Misteroo. He's been working diligently on it while Neut did this project.

The sound was unnecesarily loud during the bush scene when Bush goes "ooooh." and when Yoda tries to get his attention.

Can't think of anything that hasn't been said yet. Really great stuff. Almost reminds me of PDB/D. If the crew were stuck in a ball for a few years, that's exactly how they'd act.

Even God is lovin it

I can now reast easy knowing what the shadow looks like. I love your crazy cartoons!

keep on rockin fellaz

Absolut class

Made me laugh out loud several times, totally brilliant stuff. Kinda reminds me of the idea in Metal Gear with "The Patriots" and stuff. France also needs a good bitch-slapping. Excellent.