Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

Shadow Govt. P. S. Hits

Over all, the flash was kicken, the story was well put together and the politicle views is pretty much... well... there. the only reason I gave it a 8 is because we need a Part 2, keep that shit going!

Xenogears is awesome.

And this movie is, too. Gotta love continual references to the (amazingly stupid) Gizelle Ministry and a morbid level of boredom mixed with generic political humor. Also: The bowling scene is the best.

This explains a lot!

Great movie, funny too! G.W. the puppet, HA HA HA! keep it up man.

well done

This is spectacular, very well done indeed. Good job, man.

Ah, a fellow Xenogears fan

Quite nice, I liked it alot. I loved all the inside jokes.