Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


Hey! Great Flash! Look out for a whole bunch of secrets throughout the movie


What an amazing movie. You truly have an excellent grasp of humour. I really enjoyed it when they decided to blame the U.S Crashing into France on El nino. I think that's how it happened in real life too... ;)
Keep it up, because if you don't, I will be sad.

Oh my lord...

That is one of the funniest movies ever from DL. I love your guys' stuff. The political aspect was hiliarious, and I loved all the tie-ins. I also found all of the secrets. Misteroo, the humor is DEFINITELY not dated. Also, I loved the fun facts at the end. So much weirdness, I had to watch a second time to see some of the stuff you guys put in. Great job! I aspire to be at your caliber.


very good! I really enjoyed it! this is quality work I'd expect from the people responsible for Arfenhouse, YOU GUYS ROCK!


Very well done, blah blah, you all know that you're geniuses, so I won't waste any of my precious 4096 characers with which I have been armed to review your awesome movie.
The movie could have perhaps done with a little more background music (if the filesize would allow), but the using the Ride of the Valkyries was just pure class. (I loved the hidden scene with Superman's Flash animation.) Well worth every megabyte.
More funny than Arfenhouse, more absurd than The Richard Kiel Experience, more satirical than Duck and Cover. Je vous d├ęteste. :-p