Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

This conspiracy is completely wrong

all democratic governments are controlled by a shadowy elite of communists, you know that! geez, give them some credit. Overall the graphics were good, but the humor was so-so.

Xenogears absolutly ruled

Dude, No one can get xenogears, it is such a widely desired game that you can probably sell a copy on e bay for about $100. When I saw the ball Icon I was like "Hey that's from xenogears." and I had to watch it. anyhoos, GJ with the animation but can you fixup the sound quality abit?

awsome movie

was that "MXC" on the tv?

hehehe xenogears......

You took the idea from Xenogears but it was great. I loved the way you mocked about it, and I think thats just cool. To add onto everything it was sooooooo funny!!!!!

great job go on like that and maybe more xenogears spoof please?

funny !

This animation is funny as hell !!!