Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


haha. hahahaha . hahahahahaha. HAHAHAHA. Holy shit. Fan-fucking-tastic.

DUDE you guys fucking rock

THIS is INSANE. Its better than arfenhouse... Goddamn.. i can't express my happines for this movie(?) You guys make a temple and i'll come and wwwwwhorship you for 24 hours a day... i Mean it. whatching your movies is better than skateboarding and sex. no. not sex. but skate. seriously


Most impressive. Hilarious as well. This had to have been influenced by Xenogrears (great PS game). Good job, man. You rock.


Dude I like how you put mxc on teh tv when teh big ball was talking

God almighty

why can't this pitiful language give me words to describe this?!?!?!?!?!!!