Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


lol i like the ball. xenogears much? :)


lol. That yellow dude was AWESOME. This is wikid. I love it. I kept clicking on the words that made the flying koala get shot. President Bush was funny as hell. Everything was funny as hell. Loads pretty quick for something of it's size.

That rocked!!!

Man, this one is a great achievement and its priceless.

good job.


Well, considering you took the stuff from xenogears (Fantastic game) it was ok. I liked arfen house much better personally. at least it showed signes of great talent animationm wise but I already knew you guys knew how to do that.

I found them all YAY!

i realy realy loved it,well done. Press tab to find the secrets but, if you dont want to know the secrets then dont read on:
(in order)
1. the small bush on the bottom in the whithouse bit.
2.on the weapon of mass destrution, click on the disatser labs logo.
3.click on the pop up screen with the guy in black with red hair.
4.in the bowling alley click on the little red button visable when the characters leave the bowling alley.
5.when the french guy pionts out its a fake do the same as before.
6.click on the 'Snickerz' bar for some great facts.
at the end switch on the button that sez, 'OMFGWTF!' or somethin like that,for a suprise when you watch it again!