Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

It hurt me.

Arrfenhouse was fantastic in every way.This is boreing.So very boreing...

Yet Another Work from Disaster Labs....

Great Work....Yet Again....It was funny and original.

One of D-Labs' best releases to date.

Good graphics, political satire, excellent voice acting from the Disaster Labs crew, unnecessary violence, hidden stuff....this movie's got everything. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at several points in this movie. My favorite part was probably when America detached from the rest of the continent and "Bitch-Slapped" France, but it was all awesome. Good work, keep it up.


Favorite part, where the exhaust pipes spread out on the engine..."Floor it!"ZHOOOMMMMMM!Awesome work, too many great things to mention.Must see to believe....do I sound like an ad for selling a car?

omgwtf mode lmfao

i found all secrets very nice and i unlocked omgwtf mode wtf isd with yoda omg, lol