Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"

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Nice drawings and animation. That rotating thing was especially cool. This piece looked pretty sexy!

This was an original movie as far as plot goes. But your character style isn't that good. Just a little too plain.

Sound quality was fine, and the sound effects suited the movie well. Only problem was that the voices weren't acted that well. That noise the sphere was making got annoying too after a while. Nothing major though.

Well, there simply wasn't that much, not that this movie really needed any...

None, but still uneeded.

This was a funny movie. Some people will like it some people won't. I did. You probably will too.

This was easy on the eyes and made me chuckle. It did it's job!

Hey guys, I snuck in a snicker!

Matt was so goddamn funny!! XD But I see there's much national discrimination in this movie >_> sigh...anyway. By the way, Pipi is a noun, not a verb. To say Urinate in french, say 'Urine'.

that was freaking hilarious

oh my god the breaking off of america and making that big crack in europe was HILARIOUS, hah, so was the taboo game at the very beginning, geeze, the whole thing was just hilarious, you have to make more!



Fantastic comedy

This is brilliant - it's taking a cheeky swipe at the dumbness of politics and being hilarious, all at the same time. Cool idea, nicely drawn and with a great selection of music. It's long but never dull, a must-see flash movie.